ANYA Solution

  • Finding for customers or Owner
  • Consulting to Customers and Owner
  • Preparing Bank Contact and Land’s Documentaries

Looking for a house broker, Are you here?

If you are looking for  “Assistant and consultant” in the purchase of complete houses and real estate

  • Have marketing experience  And sales over 10 years
  • Professional price analysis and location analysis
  • Drill in to the target audience in depth.
  • Marketing “free” until it is sold
  • Give credit advice
  • Take care until the end of the delivery process.

Anya Solution is a good choice for you.

Seeking for Qualities Agent, You can trust us

Anya Solution



Finding for customers or Owner

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Preparing Bank Contact and Land’s Documentaries

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Consulting to Customers and Owner

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นายหน้าขายบ้าน มืออาชีพ

Puranima Jiemvijuck (May)

  • Sales and management executives with over 10 years of experience.
  • MBA from USA

Started as a person who likes to invest and likes to study and learn about real estate and house law including marketing in various formats..  I am happy every time when I work in this field. Because it is a challenging job in many forms ,especially ,this work has helped and solved problems for customers. And every time I finish working, my clients and customers are happy at the same time

The working principles that I have always adhered to are morality and ethics.  In being a broker, which is an honest representative between the buyer and seller  And what I got back was friendships, siblings, and more than that, the trust in referrals that made us more customers today.

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How long does it take to sell an asset?

Depends on many factors such as :

  • Competitive market price is a very important part that helps us to attract customers
  • Intense marketing across all channels that can easily reach buyers
  • The ability to negotiate Compromising the vendor’s flair with
  • Potential buyer bank policy
  • Economic conditions
  • Demand and Supple in the market. Currently, condos are highly competitive in sales.
What does the broker handle?

Meet the seller to offer advice about the property.  Including documents, prices that will be sold

  • Finding people to buy is the process of finding people who want to buy property through the advertisement billboard Information dissemination.  Finding a list of buyers who want to buy from various databases
  • The offering of assets to customers such as taking a tour of property,helping to negotiate with both buyers and sellers which requires expertise and experience in order to satisfy both parties
  • Provide transactional services to buyers is the process of providing services to buyers. In order for the transaction to take place such as helping to coordinate with financial institutions to provide loans to customers
  • Provide transactional services to sellers Helps to calculate fees and taxes that must be paid from sales.  Inspection of trading documents including facilitating the transfer of ownership at the Department of Lands
How many percent commission?

Usually, it is at 3% or as agreed in a special case.  Depending on the property and the difficulty in marketing.

If assets for sale And still cannot sell, does it have a cost?

Usually, brokers will market without charge until the sale date.  But the main duty of a broker is to be a consultant and give advice to property owners.  And adjust marketing to be suitable  According to the time period and find the reason to fix  To make sales happen

If the owner wants to sell by himself and would like the broker sell for him at the same time How will it be agreed?

Usually, if the homeowner will sell by himself, the broker does not prohibit any.  But if the broker is already working for him,Total sales expenses, the broker does not charge the landlord until selling it.  But when the homeowner sells it  Must pay to the broker 3% according to the contract agreed  This is like we pay salaries to housewives every month.

But we, as homeowners, went down to sweep the house, mopping the house by themselves. The housekeeper was comfortable, waiting for the end of the month to actually receive the salary.

“We believe that clients’ time may be more important than the commission  Please trust the Anya solution team. “



Seeking for Qualities Agent, You can trust us

Anya Solution

If you are looking for  “Assistant and consultant” in the purchase of complete houses and real estate

Anya Solution is a good choice for you.